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Foro - Trascorsi Preziosi
“Our jewellery is designed to trigger curiosity and inspire conversation
About Us
Pursuing the desire to create dreams that you can wear

With the desire to create dreams that you can wear, Fernando Lonardoni, after years of experience in the world of jewelry, gives life to Foro Trascorsi preziosi, in collaboration with his friend Ariel Garagorri, born in the forth generation of a family of jewelers, an environment filled with creativity, passion and tradition.

Our work is the result of advanced technology, experience and traditional art acquired over the years, which ensure a high quality result within the time specified by the customer.

The gold and platinum we use, come directly from the banks of metals, as a guarantee of the quality of the materials used for our jewelry.
After being processed, each piece of jewelry is stamped with the corresponding title (platinum: PT 950; gold 750) and our factory mark: 287 VR. Each jewel comes with a certificate of assurance, which becomes his identity card, with a photo and specific details of the used materials.
This way, we give the customer the highest reliability and security.

Ductility, malleability and a candor that lasts over time.

Platinum is a noble metal, which is suitable to be used in jewelry for its excellent qualities: it is a pure material, with a natural white coloring, which maintains its natural shine over time, without the need for rodiature, unlike white gold.
What makes it valuable and sought, are its particular characteristics of resistance and hardness. Indeed, it melts at a temperature twice higher than that necessary to melt gold. All this makes its processing very difficult, and only those who are really skilled are able to obtain extraordinary results. In addition to that, there are few platinum veins in nature, which make it a rare and of high value material.

Worked with mechanical and manual methods, always following the tradition.

Being a soft and ductile metal of yellow color, in jewelry it is always used together with one or more metals to increase its resistance. Depending on the type of alloy used, you will get the different colors of gold, among the most famous, yellow, pink and white. The gold we use is always of 18 carat, which indicates the purity of gold, which is the quantity of pure gold contained compared to the other alloys.

A complex universe

For gemstones we rely on trusted suppliers, and each piece has a guarantee certificate.

“Precious jewels, discovered, sought to the heart of the earth. Contemplate their secrets. Caress them, enjoy them up to the exhilaration. Then set them in the joy of a creation coming from the soul" Georges Peillex
Magic circles made of metal and gemstones, symbols of eternity since ever.

  • Solar Eclipse

    A projection of a light blue moon and its trail of stars, pink gold, aquamarine and diamonds.

  • Lunar Eclipse

    A projection of a blue moon and its trail of stars, white gold, tanzanite and diamonds.

  • Pagoda

    Ring structured on four floors with a square shape, with setting of diamonds.

  • Juliet's Heart

    "Come, gentle night; come, loving, black - brow'd night; Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night..." III act. II scene, "Romeo and Juliet" William Shakespeare

  • Elizabeth

    Platinum, diamonds, sapphire.
Earrings in white or pink gold, with an elegant and simple design. The main element is the gemstone in its most natural dimension, where one can see the sinuous veins that collect and reflect light, giving a genuine brilliance. On the back, almost invisibly modeled, there is a golden structure, light and strong at the same time, which enhances its transparency. From it, countless play of color, created by what surrounds them. Then, to enhance balance and harmony, the two drops merge into a light point.

  • Moon Splinters

    Platinum and tanzanite, shades of blue and yellow. At the center, a light point gives an oriental note.

  • Tormalina Africana

    White gold, tourmaline African diamonds.

  • Topazio Imperiale

    Pink gold, diamonds, imperial topaz.
Collection "Ancient Treasures"
An evocation of the shape and beauty of the ancient precious, in a union of past and present art . Here we find a fascination with large and precious stonesonce bearers of good fortune, prosperity and a symbol of power, all wrapped in rock crystal to accentuate the beauty of the colors and giving depth.

  • Beatrice

    Pink gold, turquoise, diamonds and rock crystal. "Fell showering, in white veil with olive wreath'd, A virgin in my view appear'd, beneath Green mantle, rob'd in hue of living flame" Dante Alighieri

  • Laura

    Rose gold, turquoise, rock crystal.

  • Eleonora D'Aquitania

    Indomitable, passionate, proud, of enigmatic beauty. Pink gold, diamonds, amethyst.

  • Jeanne D'Arc

    "Warrior but yielding to the lure of love (...) crying for her fall on the battlefield recognizing her holyness for knowing her as woman keeping her inside me to protect me and save me. " "Giovanna D'Arco" by Attilio Bertolucci

  • Matilde di Canossa

    In honor of a brave woman, able to rebel against the injustices and prejudices of the time. Pink gold, amethyst.
Research and Projects
"Come, gentle night; come, loving, black-brow'd night; Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night..." "Romeo and Juliet" William Shakespeare

In honor of our Verona, city of love, we wanted to create the jewel in the crown, the famous Shakespearean tragedy.

Diamonds symbolize the infinite stars, spectators and sometimes the protagonists of the meetings between Romeo and Juliet; is the starry night, the only time when the two lovers can see each other, to exchange love poems, make their hearts beat in unison.

And it is the heart in love with Juliet, as bright as the stars, which became a symbol of our Verona.

The diamonds that wrap entirely the ring are all of different sizes, descrescenti from top to bottom, as well as each star is unique. The difficulty of the work is nell'incastonatura stones, perfectly aligned with the lines of the diamond structure. Therefore, each diamond is at the same height than the other, and what you create is a game of light shattering: a uniform beam runs throughout the plane of the ring.


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I-37121 Verona - Italy
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